The role of athletes in the decision-making process of ITU has been a fundamental principle of our organisation since its creation in Avignon, France, 1989.  The inclusion of elected athletes on the ITU Executive Board has strengthened the role of the athletes and is an integral part of our continued success as an International Federation striving to be ‘athlete centred’.

The constitution of ITU was amended in 2011.  This included a modification to the make-up of the Athletes’ Committee to include Paratriathletes.  The committee is composed of ten (10) members (5 men x 5 women), being at least from 3 continents, with a maximum of two Paratriathletes from each gender and from two different continents.

An election needs to be organised in conjunction with the other elections that are taking place at the XXIX Congress in Madrid.  To do this, we have established the following timelines and procedures:

  • Friday, 26 August, 2016: The election process begins and nomination forms will be distributed via email to all athletes on the ITU Elite Athletes’ database.  The nomination forms will also be available on Candidates must have had an ITU World Ranking in the past 4 years;
  • Monday, 12 September, 2016: 12:01 am (00:01) GMT, Nominations close and will be published on along with the voting procedures and timelines.
  • Monday, 12 September, 2016: The election process will be open via an online voting for all athletes at 12:01pm (12:01) GMT.  The online voting will be anonymous and secure to ensure only one vote per elite athlete.
  • Thursday, 15 September, 2016: Athletes can vote in-person at the athlete briefing at the Grand Final.
  • Wednesday, 28 September, 2016: The online voting system will close at 12:01am (00:01) GMT.
  • Friday, 30 September, 2016: The results of the elections for the Athletes’ Committee will be announced via a news release on

NOTE: The online voting system on will require all athletes to use their log-in to vote for the candidates of their choice.  If anyone requires log-in details please contact

Basic Questions and Answers about the Elections for the ITU Athletes’ Committee

Who can run for election?
Any athlete who has had points on the ITU Points List or ITU Paratriathlon Points List within the past four years. This list will be released shortly.

Who can nominate an athlete for election?
Any athlete on the ITU Points List or ITU Paratriathlon List in the last four years.

How to nominate someone?
Complete the attached nomination form before the 12 September deadline and submit to

Who can vote?
Any athlete who has had points on the ITU Points List or ITU Paratriathlon Points List within the past four years. This list will be released shortly.

How will the Athletes and Paratriathletes be elected?
The voting ballot will have two (2) lists – one for each gender and those voting will have to select 5 candidates from each list. The ballot will also indicate which athletes are Paratriathletes.  The ones with the most votes will win, with a maximum of 2 Paratriathletes per gender.

How is the Chair of the Athletes’ Committee decided?
The Chair is selected by the newly elected Athletes’ Committee.

What are the roles and responsibilities of the ITU Athletes’ Committee?

  1. Elect 1 representative of the ITU Athletes’ Committee to be a voting member of the ITU Executive Board.  This requires a significant commitment to take part in the regular governance of ITU, virtually and in person at ITU meetings etc.
  2. Have the right to attend the annual Congress of ITU where the Athletes’ Committee has two votes.
  3. Obtain and synthesise views of athletes on a range of matters relevant to them by consulting across the spectrum of eligible athletes.
  4. Speak at athletes’ briefing and field questions about various topics to discuss amongst the Athletes’ Committee (see 4) and / or pass these concerns onto the relevant person for action (see 5).
  5. Meet ‘physically’ as a group once a year and virtually when required as the whole group or in smaller groups, as necessary.
  6. Act as liaison between the athletes, the ITU staff and the Executive Board on key issues.
  7. Form a subcommittee to interact with the Paratriathlon Committee and relevant staff on key matters relating to the classification project, rankings, event format, and Paralympic matters as the Rio 2016 qualification period approaches and is ongoing.
  8. Have an opportunity to be nominated to attend the annual IOC Olympians forum and/or any equivalent for the IPC Paralympians.

What is the term of office?
The term of office for the Athletes’ Committee is 2 years.

Download the nomination form

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